Monday, January 26, 2009

Running Up the Score

What is it with Americans treating keeping your best team on the field/court/whatever and running up a big score as a sign of disrespect? I don't get it. Here, as with pretty much everywhere else I know about, taking top players off the field and easing up shows far more disrespect. Surely if you respect the powers of the opposition to challenge or defeat you, you will keep your top team on and endeavour to raise as many points as possible while you are in the ascendency. If you don't have respect for them and/or wish to insult them, you would rest your top players and take it easy, secure in their inability to hurt you, right? Why do people in the U.S. think the exact opposite? I don't get it!


  1. Sooooo. Is there a particular game you had in mind with this rant, or are you just slamming my adoptive home country because you can. Remember the American Eagles are my 2nd rugby team!

  2. I was reading an article online about a team that so upset the public with their margin of victory and fact that they didn't rest their players/slack off that the public was calling on them to actually forfeit the game. Utterly rediculous.

    btw - The Eagles are great value, especially in sevens!

  3. Yes, I was dissapointed in their performance in the world cup, but there were glimmers of threat there. They held up well initially against South Africa if I remember correctly. I'm hoping they'll do better next time.