Monday, January 19, 2009

The Journey

GM: Barry Baker

Blurb: It's a fantasy story as old as time - a group of adventurers have a mission to travel from a town to a distant House of Contemplation. All that is missing is a smoky Tavern and an old man in a hooded cloak.

But this mission is a little different, the world a little more gritty and grey, our brave adventuring party know nothing of dungeons and trapdoors. The small group is comprised of a withered Nursemaid, a impetuous man servant with regular features, a retired soldier and a pure example of young female innocence.

System: Dragon Warriors

My Character: Jonathan, a young man striving to conceal his spanish heritage while attempting to woo the above example of female innocence (here we go again) and control a fiery passion which, in the past, has led him to murder.

Review: This adventure was much more standard RPG fare. A little slow to start as we stepped into our characters, but we were soon travelling along nicely. Along the road complications arose such as bandits (who we killed), thieves (who stole our stuff from under our noses) an orphaned child (who we tried and failed to find the parents of) and a bunch of burly young men (*all* of whom seemed to want some alone time with Emma). Things came to a head when it was discovered that Emma (the female character who I had been trying my hardest to convince to elope with me and forsake the convent) actually turned out to be a promiscuous wench, which crushed my character's fragile little soul, almost led to a murderous rage, and ended up with his suicide. The game was somewhat hurt by not actually having a fourth player, which yielded less of the intra party conflict which really drove the adventure along, but it wasn't bad as a first session for Sunday morning.

Highlights: The number of times we managed to return to the same Inn (nice work by Emma, there, who was trying to delay arrival at the convent). My character's breakdown and transformation in attitude to Emma from doe-eyed love and loyalty to hatred and scorn.

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