Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Glargle Past Threep

GM: Ivan Towlson

Blurb: Join the Time Police, they said. It's a cushy life, they said, in the Women's Auxiliary of the Xenochronometry Division of the Standards Inspectorate. Snappy uniform, they said, government pension and nothing more laborious to do than fill out the occasional B11 Notification of Noncompliant Measurement Units (Revised). Yeah, right. Because since breakfast you’ve been shot at twice, erased from history six times, trapped in five temporal paradoxes and narrowly avoided having sex with your own grandfather. And it’s still only glargle past threep. Again.

My Character: Vicky, even more airheaded and incompetant than the rest of the bunch (which was saying something). Previously fired from burger-flipping and shelf stocking jobs for gross incompetance.

System: Just roll a die (any die) and the GM will make something up.

Review: An amusing romp through time, space, shopping malls and the vatican. Not nearly as good as the blurb, though (I suspect, from also hearing about other games, that Ivan's better at coming up with the ideas than with executing them). A decent start, though. Basically involved a plot by certain extremist members of the organisation 'Sentient Beings for a Sensible Calendar' to retroactively assassinate Pope Gragory XIII.

Personal Highlight: Completly confusing the GM with the non-sequitur 'White with one sugar, please' (it made perfect sense to Vicky at the time).

Overall Highlights:
1. First roll of the game (as the GM did say *any* dice) - North and Smily Face.
2. A number of Charles the Seconds (from different time periods): "Let me out, I'm the King of England!"
One of the characters: "Which one of you is the King?"
Kings: "All of us, it's the royal we!"


  1. "I suspect, from also hearing about other games, that Ivan's better at coming up with the ideas than with executing them."

    Yowch *grin*. No, that's fair comment, and I appreciate the feedback. I am a dreadful procrastinator (oh, who am I kidding -- I am a world class procrastinator) so I tend to end up underprepared and overly reliant on the player group to make their own fun, which sometimes works really well and sometimes falls rather flat... or, indeed, extremely flat. So feedback like this is a great incentive to give myself a kick in the backside next time around!

  2. Well, it wasn't meant to be an attack or anything. It's not so much that the games were bad but that the ideas were so good. You are so good at doing the blurbs for your games that it is difficult or even impossible for the actual games to live up to them. Talking to my friends who played in your other scenario ('One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing') it was clear to me that from reading the blurb their anticipation of the game was very great and the expectation very high. I appreciate the difficulty here, of course. If you don't put up a compelling blurb for your game, then no one will want to play in it. On the other hand, if you do make an extremely compelling blurb, then you set expectations for your game very (perhaps even unrealistically) high.

    I think I could probably give you a run for your money in the procrastination department. Not now, though - maybe next week...