Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Repost of Appreciation email to NZRaG

Thanks to all the organisers and GMs who made this yet another great Kapcon and worth every penny of the trip down from Auckland. Thanks especially to Ivan, Liam, Erik, Barry and Mike who GMed the games I played in. As a GM for my group up here in Auckland I really appreciate the time and effort that needs to be put in to GM a game as opposed to just rocking up on the day armed with dice and imagination. I *can't* even imagine what it means to do that and then shoehorn the game into a limited time slot and play with a bunch of people you've never even met before. Great job, guys. I'll see you all again next year (or perhaps sooner).

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  1. Hey Darryn - you guys could aways come down for Confusion or Fright Night. You know you've all got a floor to crash on down here!